Mobile, Elevating Hunting House
- This unit can be pulled behind a pick-up truck to your hunting area -

- The building is 6 ft. by 6 ft., made of metal and is insulated -

- Has outriggers on four corners for stability -

- It is powered by deep cell battery -

- It will lift approx. 1000 pounds with help of 2 5/16 cables and gear box -

- It raises to 9 ft. at floor, it can stop at any position and then go up or down -

- Has windows that slide side-to-side -

- Has space for ATV transporting -

- Ladder can be used in full-up position -

- Has a limit switch at full-up and down positions -

- All units are wheel-chair accessible -

- The door is 36 wide to accommodate wheel chairs -

- Can accommodate two wheel chairs at one time -

Multiple use:
- Can be used to take a child or a family on a nature study or hunting trip -

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